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Website Maintenance

website developmentIf you have had trouble getting your website updated, or you are paying large sums of money for only a couple of updates per month, West Web Pages™ will help you with the most efficient method for web maintenance and programming.

We offer some of the lowest priced maintenance plans around. We will help you keep your website up to date within your budget requirements.

We only charge for the time it takes to update your website, with no minimum required charge. Most web maintenance companies charge a one hour minimum. If your update takes five minutes, that is all we will charge you. Please check out our rates and plans below.

Website Maintenance Rates & Plans

Hourly Rates

DHTML/XHTML Programming/Graphic Updates
$40/hour (no minimum charge).

Note: This rate is only for sites that we webmaster and keep the master files locally. All other outside web maintenance is charged at higher rates. Advanced programming and unknown/foreign CGI script modifications may be subject to higher charges due to research times and possible learning curves. In all cases we do charge our standard fee for project management, especially in larger updates that require considerable communication and documentation prep/analysis.

Disclaimer: We perform work on a fee for service basis only, and we are not responsible for the 24/7 operation (or backup) of your website. It is your responsibility (and your website hosting company's) to make sure your site is running and backed up properly. We will however inform you if we notice something wrong with the operation of your website, and/or attempt to fix problems within our ability, upon your request. We are also not responsible for changes in; browser/internet code technology, web standards, or web specifications, which render a previously working site fully or partially inoperable... however, we will attempt to fix such problems within our ability, upon your request for service.

Maintenance Plans

Basic Website Maintenance Plan
$200/month (includes up to 10 hours per month of HTML and Graphic updates)

Advanced Website Maintenance Plan
$350/month (includes up to 15 hours of HTML, and Graphic updates)

Custom Website Maintenance Plans
Available on request.

The disclaimer(s) above applies to all Maintenance Plans as well.

Contact us to set up a plan that best fits your needs.


We have the lowest maintenance rates in the industry!

No Minimum Charges!