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Web Programming

website development programmingWe specialize in DHTML websites. The main purpose of DHTML programmed websites is providing the user with quick and easy navigation of a website.

We typically use dynamic JavaScript programmed menu structures that are clear, easy to use and easy to maintain.

We also use CSS (style sheets) to optimize the look and feel of each website. CSS also facilitates quicker and easier maintenance.

Ektron CMSBy partnering with ektron, we can now accomplish all advanced, high end programming under Ektron's CMS application's built in features. Ektron's CMS programs now provide all of the complex programming functions that were previously done strictly in PHP, ASP, SQL, etc. Ektron™ CMS software and development allows you to have a website with the functionality that you need. Contact us to set up an appointment with us and an Ektron technical applications representative.

We are prepared to provide programming on your site using any of the following technologies.

• HTML, XHTML, DHTML (Markup Languages)
• CSS (Style Sheets)
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Programming

• Java Script (Interactive Scripting)
• CGI Script Modification
• Form Development
• Content Management Systems (CMS)
• PayPal and other third party shopping integration
• Social network integration (Facebook, blogs, etc)

We will determine the technologies that will best fit your site during the design/redesign process.

Contact us for a free consultation.



We provide efficient DHTML and CSS based programming to make your website layout look and respond the way you want!