exercise and nutrition for women
exercise and nutrition for women

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FREE Personalized Nutrition Program*

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Your Personal Coach: Your own personal coach is included - at no additional cost. Your personal coach is a trained expert who is committed to your success. She or he will provide support, answer your questions, conduct your assessments, create your programs, and even monitor and track your progress. [Back to top]

Free Assessments: Every 10 weeks your personal coach will meet with you to measure your body fat percent, weight, lean body mass, blood pressure, heart rate, and strength. The results of your assessments are analyzed by My Healthy Fit’s proprietary software system, which generates exercise and nutrition programs designed specially for your body. Because your programs are based on physical assessments, there is no guesswork - and no need for you to complicate your life by recording your workouts or meals. [Back to top]

Personalized Exercise Programs: Every 10 weeks you will receive a new exercise program based on your own goals and the results of your latest assessment. Your exercise program includes all the strength, cardio, and core exercises you will need. And it’s easy to follow because it tells you exactly what to do – which machines, how much weight, how many repetitions, even how much rest to take. Best of all, it only takes 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week! [Back to top]

Personalized Nutrition and Meal Planning Programs: These programs are great for those who want to loose weight. They are also designed for anyone who wants to improve their health. Very few of us can reach our goals by applying exercise or healthy nutrition alone. Yet that’s what most of us try to do – because it would be too time consuming to go to separate exercise and nutrition experts. That’s why My Healthy Fit has brought both of these critical components together, in one place.

Just like your exercise program, your nutrition program is designed specifically for your body. It will help you safely achieve the results you want. And it’s conveniently based on foods that are available in your grocery store. It even comes with a shopping list. Best of all, it is based on quality meals, not on deprivation! So you feel energized, not depleted. [Back to top]

Progress Tracking: We track and record your measurements at each assessment. Measurements include: body fat percent, weight, lean body mass, blood pressure, heart rate, and strength. Since your programs are based on physical assessments, there is no guesswork.
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