exercise and nutrition for women
exercise and nutrition for women
exercise and nutrition for women
My Healthy Fit opens club in Woburn, MA

Harvard Medical School professor endorses My Healthy Fit

We make it easy for you

At My Healthy Fit, we are committed to making it as easy as possible for each of our members to reach and sustain her health and fitness goals. That’s why we have created a comfortable atmosphere for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. And it’s why we offer memberships that include all the services you will need to begin leading your life to the fullest.

You’ll Feel Comfortable at My Healthy Fit
Our club is fun and friendly, with an un-intimidating atmosphere. Your programs will be personalized and non-competitive so you progress at your own pace – not someone else’s. And because your program is designed to be different at every workout, you’ll never get bored doing the same thing. You’ll look forward to every visit and leave feeling refreshed and recharged!

Your own, highly-trained personal coach

Exercises only take 30 minutes/day, 3 days/week

Women only, friendly atmosphere

Free Classes


Easy-to-use machines

All the Services You Need to Succeed
My Healthy Fit’s Personalized Health and Fitness System has been in development for 8 years and has been tested on thousands of women. The results have been extraordinary… not just because our system is based on the best available science, but also because we provide the complete set of services you will need to succeed.

Sign up for our Full Service membership and your own personal coach is free. Every 8 weeks your coach will give you a free assessment. Based on this assessment, we will create your easy-to-follow, personalized exercise program to suit your body and help you reach your goals. In addition, you will receive your personalized nutrition and meal planning programs. We even provide free progress tracking to show you where you’ve succeeded and where you need to focus your efforts.

We realize that you’re also going to need some support along the way to keep you motivated. So, whether it’s your personal coach or other members you meet through our free classes, we are committed to providing you with all the resources you’ll need to keep your commitment to yourself. If you ever need something, always feel free to ask us.

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